Florida Gaming Control Commission Puts Agency’s Vision Into Mission

Starting an agency from scratch can be an oddly attractive sight, as it’s rare for people to get a chance to see why some fundamental decisions are made the way they are. Faced with a calendar that is light on line items but heavy on details, the Florida Gaming Control Commission decided what its guiding mission would be.

From presented four optionscommissioners opted for the fifth.

“Preserve and protect the integrity of gambling activities through fair regulation, licensing, effective criminal investigation and enforcement,” stated Concept 5, the off-menu selection commissioners unanimously supported.

The fifth choice came from Commissioner Chuck Dragosaid the executive director of the Commission Lou Trombetta.

All concepts essentially deal with the same issues, but framed differently. For example, Concept 1 was, “Regulate licensed gambling fairly and enforce criminal gambling bans statewide,” and Concept 2 was, “Regulate legal gambling and address illegal gambling statewide.”

Concept 3 was: “Research and target illegal gambling while arranging licensed gambling”, while Concept 4 was: “Support safe gaming activities by regulating legal activities while investigating and addressing illegal activities.”

The similarities were initially more noticeable than the differences of the concepts.

“Commissioners, to me these all sound like different ways of saying roughly the same thing, which I think is something we’ve been saying all along”, Commission President John McIver said.

“I appreciate that it’s been heard that we want the people who try to stay within the bounds of the law to get as much help from us as possible, and the people who don’t try to follow the law, well, to get through us. to be stopped.”

MacIver appreciated the message of each of the concepts, he added, although he felt the fifth was the most concise and thorough.

Commissioner Julie Brown said she agreed 100%.

“I thought the concept summed up all the other four concepts better, so I support the fifth,” Brown said.

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