Financing a table games shop in Llanelli!

Hey, my name is Daniel. I have lived near Llanelli for the past 5 years now and I am a huge fan of table games. I play many war game genres and also love the creative side of the hobby. While working full time I have struggled to arrange games and enjoy the real community aspect of this great hobby. This resulted in making an entire playroom in our house (much to the shock of my partner!). For the people I knew this was great, but I want to broaden my reach in the South Wales community and enjoy this hobby with even more people. We have very few places between Carmarthen and Swansea to achieve this, and for many people these days this is quite a journey for parking fees and bus travel! That’s why we’re here today with this Crowdfunder!

We already have a site planned and tables ready to install, but we need some extra capital to set up the space, help cover bills and legal fees, and contribute to the stock for the opening! This is where we hope crowdfunding can make this dream come true to create a space that the war gaming community in Carmarthenshire can truly call home!

We want to build a store where hobbyists can come in with friends to play on specially themed tables, buy the latest miniatures and painting supplies, and chat with other members of the community in a permanent, dedicated environment for the hobby. We’d also really like to have painting stations where people can come and chill in the shop to expand the local community, and maybe play a game with someone who is there for the first time? We are also looking for comfortable seats to play a game of Warcry or Kill Team during your lunch break!

This money will mainly be used to buy furniture, shelves and other decorating supplies to keep the store looking great, as well as getting the all-important stock to make sure the fun doesn’t stop!

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