DraftKings has partnered with responsible gambling company Gamres

Posted on: 25 January 2023, 03:16h.

Last updated on: January 25, 2023, 5:32 AM.

DraftKings is working with a leading Ontario-based responsible gambling consultancy and research firm to develop better safeguards to further limit excessive gaming on its iGaming and online sportsbook platforms.

DraftKings Gamres responsible gaming
DraftKings and Gamres are teaming up in hopes of formulating increased responsible gaming protections for the online casino and sportsbook platform. Responsible gaming, says DraftKings, is the company’s “first priority.” (Image: DraftKings)

Over 70% of the legal sports betting market in the US is facilitated online. Morgan Stanley says DraftKings and rival FanDuel are the two dominant players, with those books accounting for about 60% of the US market.

The Boston-based sports betting giant and iGaming is expanding its commitment to responsible gaming by partnering with Gamres. The Ottawa-based company says it is committed to optimizing responsible gaming strategies to drive better customer experiences.

DraftKings says it will survey select customers to complete Gamres’ “Positive Play Scale” survey. The online assessment will help DraftKings measure the effectiveness of current responsible gaming defenses and develop new protocols.

We are grateful for this opportunity to partner with Gamres, renowned for strategic consulting and research around the world.” said Chrissy Thurmond, DraftKings senior director of responsible gaming. “We believe DraftKings’ responsible gaming program, which strives to be the gold standard in the industry, will be significantly enhanced by the addition of this scientific tool and provide rich and actionable insights – helping us better understand our players and involve.”

DraftKings is the first US-based iGaming/sportsbook operator to partner with Gamres. The responsible gambling strategist has contracts with many of the leading European gambling regulators and operators, including the UK Gambling Commission, Greece’s Intralot and Sweden’s Svenska Spel.

Player insights

Gamres’ Positive Play Scale, developed in 2017 by a team led by Dr. Richard Wood, dr. Michael Wohl and Dr. Nassim Tabri, seeks to better understand the mindset and behavior of players when they are actively involved in gambling.

The scale asks players about four core beliefs: personal responsibility, game literacy, fairness and control, and their commitment to betting wisely. Gamres will prepare and administer the online survey on behalf of DraftKings.

Gamres explains that the goal is to identify differences in certain player groups and how DraftKings can refine its responsible gaming practices to promote positive play.

“We’ve found that some players have misperceptions about gaming that can diminish their enjoyment or, in some cases, lead them to spend more than they intended,” said Wood. “We believe the Positive Play Scale will help optimize DraftKings’ RG strategy to identify those areas that could receive the most support. As such, we expect the findings of this project to help DraftKings develop a proactive approach to responsible gaming that encourages all players to have healthy, positive gaming experiences.”

Responsible gaming efforts

DraftKings unites with Gamres comes a few months after the iGaming/sportsbook giant debuted a series of responsible gaming commercials. The public service campaigns feature skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and former reality TV star turned WWE wrestler, The Miz.

In Hawk’s commercial, the skater encourages bettors to “practice safe bets.” The spot is a play on the 1980s and 1990s PSA “practice safe sex” that took place during the AIDS pandemic. The Miz, in place, tells viewers it’s “cool to cool down” from bets.

DraftKings provides its clients with tools to limit the amount of money they deposit into their accounts. Players can also limit the amount of time spent on the app and how much they can wager in a given time period.

DraftKings also allows customers to install BetBlocker on their mobile devices and computers. The free widget blocks access to nearly 15,000 gaming websites. Users can determine how long they do not wish to access the iGaming platforms.

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