Delivery formats and gaming-changing product technologies

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Pill-free formats have been gaining popularity with consumers since 2019, according to insights from Nutrition Business Journal 2022 Delivery Format Report. But moving to these new delivery formats is easier said than done, and brands do well to work closely with a co-manufacturer who understands both their vision and value proposition.

Evaluating the capabilities of a co-manufacturer partner is just as important as securing ingredient supply chains, although finding the right match for the need is often a challenge. As the market for diverse delivery systems continues to grow, it is important that brands learn about the capabilities and specializations required to create these innovative products.

Learning goals:

  • Understand which delivery formats are gaining popularity in the market.
  • Developing a strategic approach to choosing a co-manufacturer who will support your brand, with an emphasis on finding a partner who understands your brand’s value proposition and can deliver consistency and quality.
  • Evaluate a contract manufacturer’s capabilities and specialties related to specific formats from gummies, chews and melts to effervescent tablets, oral strips and stick packs.


Karen Raterman
Deputy Director of Content Marketing, Supply side

Karen Raterman, Associate Director, Content Marketing for Informa Markets in Boulder, Colorado, specializes in content marketing strategies and development for nutritional supplement and healthy food and beverage ingredient suppliers. Karen has more than 20 years of experience in the natural products industry with market insights across the industry’s supply chain, across all sales channels, and consumer health and wellness trends. Throughout her career, Karen has worked with several leading companies and organizations in the industry, including publications New Nutrition Business, HerbalGram, New Hope Network and Natural Products Insider (Informa).


Dinesh Reddy
CEO & Promoter, Aavishkar

Dinesh is very passionate about the unique and patented ThinSol Strips, a new delivery format. His vision is to build the ThinSol strips as a household delivery format and everyone can consume with great ease, experience and efficacy. His 2 year old child loves the ThinSol Kids Vitamin strips and wife Anusha loves the D3 Vitamin strips. Dinesh has led the company to Benchmark itself in the ThinSol Oral Strips delivery format and built the world’s largest oral strips research and manufacturing facility at 220,000 square feet with an annual production capacity of 2 billion strips. The company has the world’s largest product portfolio of oral strips with 125+ products and exports to over 25 countries.

– and continuously expanding – product portfolio in the nutraceuticals oral film space with approximately 100 flavor and color options (all plant-based and natural with successful masking of bitter actives), and more than 100 products with approximately 320 SKUs.

Dr Andrew Myers
CEO and Chief Science Officer, NutraGenetics

As a successful naturopathic physician, Dr. Myers is passionate about creating solutions to the world’s major health problems by combining the artistry of natural medicine with the science of the human body. He has the unique ability to solve and simplify complex health problems, understanding that health and wellness are achievable for every individual.

Dr. Myers has been in private practice since 1992. He is a graduate of Bastyr University and completed his residency at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, one of the largest naturopathic treatment centers in the United States. Dr. Myers provides holistic care using natural therapies for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Dr. Myers is the CEO and Chief Science Officer of NutraGenetics, a global product development company founded by Nobel laureate in medicine Dr. Louis Ignarro. A recognized expert in natural medicine, Dr. Myers is regarded as one of the world’s top experts in formulating nutritional supplements and their scientific underpinnings. Dr. Myers has put together several complete nutritional lines for international companies and developed many successful products.

By J Scott Murrin
COO, NutraSelf LLC (a Viva5 company)

Energetic and effective leader with 30+ years of experience in manufacturing leadership, quality assurance/control, regulatory and R&D/product development for companies large and small; ranging from small start-ups to large Fortune 500 multinationals.

Successfully launched a proprietary lipid sphere manufacturing business (sachets/direct-to-mouth, and spheres in capsules) for the food and nutritional supplement industry in Utah. Beadlets can improve the performance of ready-to-use dietary supplements through improved absorption, taste masking and modified release profiles. Each granule is a measured micro-dose of nutritional ingredients including botanicals, vitamins, amino acids and pre/pro/post biotics.

Created documentation, implemented processes and received TGA (Therapeutic Goods of Australia) certification for a nutritional supplement company in Utah.

Successful launch of an aseptic liquid filling business, using conventional custom blow molded bottles for the food and nutritional supplement industry in California.

Successful launch of medical device manufacturing facilities in Castlerea and Galway, Ireland.

Remotely conducted corporate quality and regulatory programs in Balston Spa – New York, Angleton – Texas, Springhill – Tennessee and Grand Junction – Colorado.

Created documentation, implemented processes and received ISO 9000 certification for all production divisions of a medical device company.

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