Chaos Broke At PNE’s Breakout Festival After Lil Baby Canceled

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Angry concertgoers destroyed the PNE amphitheater Sunday night after the Breakout music festival headliner canceled his performance.

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Seven people were arrested and thousands of dollars worth of property damaged as the night turned into violence and destruction after a last-minute announcement that rapper Lil Baby will not take the stage due to illness.

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“Everyone was real (ticked),” said Chad Falk, who attended the concert. “They were trying to storm the stage… then someone said, ‘Let’s start a riot.’

“A man started kicking the beer machine. Others climbed into tents and tore everything down. It was a complete riot.”

Neighbors reported hearing dozens of police cars racing toward Hastings Park around 10pm

Vancouver police said “several hundred people” were involved in the fighting and destruction of property in the amphitheater and surrounding neighborhood. Trash cans and food vendors were destroyed and destroyed. Several people also climbed various fixtures, including a lamppost, police said.

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Images and videos showed some fans destroying the venue.

Much of their anger seemed to be directed at a liquor store. In one video, a man climbed onto a lamppost who was urged on by the crowd, many of whom filmed the incident. Other videos showed a man repeatedly kicking a refrigerator and another man knocking over a metal table. Another clip shows a man knocking over a trash can.

Screenshots of concertgoers vandalizing a tent at the PNE Amphitheater after rapper Lil Baby canceled his performance at the Breakout festival on September 18 (Screenshot/video credit: Chad Falk)
Screenshots of concertgoers vandalizing a tent at the PNE Amphitheater after rapper Lil Baby canceled his performance at the Breakout festival on September 18 (Screenshot/video credit: Chad Falk) Photo by Chad Falk /jpg

At one point, you heard someone in the crowd yell, “I want my $400 back.” Tickets for the two-day festival were $229 to $349, plus fees.

Watching the destruction unfold around him, Falk said he was shocked by the behavior of some of his fellow visitors.

“What is it with these people? One person doesn’t show up and you start a riot. What’s the point? Why would they want to keep this here after this stunt?”

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He said police showed up with dogs and started clearing people about 25 minutes after the riots started.

There were no major injuries, police said.

Organizers said there was “significant damage” to the PNE amphitheater and parts of Hastings Park, but on Monday the priority was the safety and well-being of staff “as many were deeply affected by the response from guests and the behavior that followed. follow the.”

Spokeswoman Laura Ballance thanked the police for their prompt response to prevent the situation from escalating, and the residents of the Hastings Park area.

“To our neighbors – the PNE is incredibly sorry for the actions of those guests and the impact this behavior may have had on our community,” she said in a statement Monday. “We will conduct a full investigation and make further statements shortly.”

Police said seven people have been taken to prison for violating the peace. Police have launched a criminal investigation into the incident.

“While this investigation will take time, we will bring criminal charges against people who participated in this violence and destruction,” said Const spokeswoman. Tania Visintin.

American rapper Dominique Armani Jones, who goes by the name Lil Baby, apologized on social media Monday for the abrupt cancellation of his show.

His body “completely shut down” after going “so hard” in recent months, he wrote in a post on Instagram Stories. “I owe you a lot and will certainly make it up to you soon.”


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