E. Jean Carroll Says She Will Sue Trump Under New York Law For Assault And Wants His Statement

CNN — Attorneys for E. Jean Carroll told a judge she plans to indict former President Donald Trump under a new New York statute that allows sexual assault victims to file a lawsuit years after the meeting. In a new court filing her defamation case against Trump, Carroll’s attorneys said she plans to sue Trump … Read more

Putin says he is not bluffing and has ‘many weapons’ as he orders partial mobilization of reserve forces | world news

President Putin has accused the West of “nuclear blackmail” and warned that he has “many weapons to answer”. In a rare address to the nation, he said he was not bluffing and would use “all the resources at our disposal” if Russian territory was threatened. Mr Putin also ordered an immediate “partial mobilization” – calling … Read more

Vladimir Putin announces partial military mobilization, accusing West of ‘nuclear blackmail’

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia while the war in Ukraine lasts almost seven months and Moscow loses ground on the battlefield. He also warned the West that “it is not a bluff” that Russia would use all available means to protect its territory. The total number of reservists called up … Read more

Al Gore sees the world on ‘tipping point’ for climate action

Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register Rising power prices pushing governments to decarbonise Gore cites more action in the United States and Australia Says optimistic about further action in Brazil, China LONDON, September 21 (Reuters) – (This September 20 story has been resubmitted to correct typo in the second bullet point) The … Read more

Myanmar junta attack on school condemned as child death toll rises to 11 | Myanmar

At least 11 schoolchildren have been killed in an airstrike on a village in Myanmar, according to the United Nations Children’s Organization, in what could be the deadliest attack on children since the junta took power last year. UN chief António Guterres condemned the strike on Tuesday, according to his office, which said the death … Read more

King Charles’ bodyguards: TikTok video claims royal safety with fake weapons

A bizarre theory about King Charles’ bodyguards has emerged after videos of the royal family and his security team recently went viral. Some social media users are convinced that the royal bodyguards used fake hands and weapons to have their hands discreetly placed on hidden weapons. TikTok user Jason recently shared a video where he … Read more

Bolsonaro stumbles for reelection in United Nations speech

United Nations Headquarters CNN — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday bore little resemblance to his earlier speeches to world leaders. The Brazilian leader praised Brazil’s development under his government and wiped out political rivals, but the Brazilian leader seemed more focused on appealing to voters at home … Read more

Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at ex-prime minister’s state funeral

Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register TOKYO, Sept. 21 (Reuters) – A man set himself on fire near Japan’s prime minister’s office on Wednesday in apparent protest against the government’s decision to hold a state funeral for former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was murdered earlier this year, media reported. . The … Read more