Natalie Cassidy Weight Loss: EastEnders Star Lost 3rd By Scraping One Nutritious Food

EastEnders icon Natalie Cassidy has lost a whopping three stones over the years, slimming down from a size 16 to a size eight after overhauling her lifestyle. So what changes has she made to lose weight? Natalie’s go-to treats that she considered her “downfall” include cheese, chips, and dips. But she forced herself to give … Read more

How the brain develops: a new way to shed light on cognition

Overview: A new computational neuroscience study sheds light on how the brain’s cognitive abilities evolve and could help shape new AI research. Source: University of Montreal A new study introduces a new neurocomputational model of the human brain that could shed light on how the brain develops complex cognitive skills and advance research into neural … Read more

Cancer, pre-pregnancy chemotherapy do not increase risk of stillbirth in adolescent and young adult women

Adolescent and young adult women who were diagnosed with cancer and received chemotherapy prior to pregnancy had no higher risk of stillbirth, according to research led by Caitlin C. Murphy, PhD, MPH, with UTHealth Houston. The study was recently published in the online version of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. There are … Read more

Alzheimer’s may not be primarily a brain disease. A new theory suggests it’s an autoimmune disease

Pursuing a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is becoming an increasingly competitive and controversial quest with the past few years witnessing several significant controversies. In July 2022, the journal Science reported that a key 2006 research paper published in the prestigious journal Nature, which identified a subtype of brain protein called beta-amyloid as the cause of … Read more

Brain ‘pacemakers’ could help patients with OCD

Brain ‘Pacemakers’ could help patients with OCD: Parkinson’s-style zapping treatment suppresses mental health symptoms, review says A similar brain-zapping treatment has been used in Parkinson’s patients for decades Despite Showing Promise in OCD Treatment, Actual Evidence Is Thin Scientists pooling all available studies said the results were ‘encouraging’ By Stephen Matthews Health Editor for Mailonline … Read more

Experts call for better support for people with dementia

A New Dementia Australia Report, Released Todayhas shown that discrimination against people with dementia can lead to delays in diagnosis and increased social isolation. The report, Dismantling discrimination in dementia: it starts before diagnosisshowed the impact of discrimination and how early diagnosis, community awareness and support are critical to ensuring people with dementia are supported … Read more

Chinese health chief warns of ‘skin-to-skin contact with foreigners’ amid first case of monkey pox

A senior Chinese health official recently warned people on social media not to touch foreigners as the country reported its first case of monkey pox. In a Weibo post on Saturday, Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, announced that China is now a case of monkey pox that … Read more