8th Annual East Coast Gaming Expo in Cherry Hill, Mew Jersey brings families and fans together

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) — Video gaming isn’t just for lone players anymore! The 8th Annual East Coast Gaming Expo brought families together for multiplayer fun in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The video game convention included arcade and PC video games, an all-night 24-hour arcade, and guest panelists from the video game industry. But … Read more

Twitch Streamer Myth Ink Exclusive YouTube Gaming Deal – The Hollywood Reporter

Ali Kabbani, the pro gamer known as ‘Myth’, is leaving Twitch to stream and post videos exclusively with YouTube Gaming. The creator follows other Twitch stars who recently left Amazon’s streaming platform for YouTube, including Benjamin Lupo (“DrLupo”), Tim Betar (“TimTheTatman”), Rachell Hofstetter (“Valkyrae”), Elliott Watkins (“Muselk”) and Lannan Eacott (“LazarBeam”). Although Kabbani first launched … Read more