Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro smokes at British petrol prices during Queen’s funeral World news

The Brazilian president used his trip to the UK for the Queen’s funeral to stop at a gas station and post a video about the cost of fuel.

Jair Bolsonaro stood in a Shell forecourt on London’s Bayswater Road, pointing to the price of lead-free on the electronic sign.

He said the price of 161.9 pence per liter was “practically double the average of many Brazilian states” and claimed his country’s fuel was some of the cheapest in the world.

The video was posted the night before the queen’s funeral and was criticized by some on social media, who said it wasn’t a fair comparison if BrazilThe minimum wage is many times lower than that of the UK.

Prices in Britain have fallen from peaks of almost £2 a litre in recent months.

Brazil’s controversial president has berated a drop in fuel prices as he tries to avoid being removed from office in next month’s presidential election.

Former leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is ahead at 47% to his 31%, according to an IPEC poll on Monday.

Bolsonaro was also accused of using his trip to London to be portrayed among world leaders in an effort to boost his image and as a platform for his lagging campaign.

Addressing supporters from the balcony of the Brazilian embassy on Sunday, he spent seconds on the Queen’s legacy before focusing on a speech about the election.

The President and his wife attended the Queen's funeral
The President and his wife attended the Queen’s funeral

At one point, he told the crowd, “We are a country that doesn’t want drug liberalization, doesn’t want to talk about legalizing abortion, and doesn’t accept ‘gender ideology’.”

The far-right leader has often been described as: Brazil’s response to Donald Trump and is no stranger to controversy, not least in its approach to the pandemic and Amazon rainforest policies.

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