Black Friday is 56% off the Logitech G502 Hero, your favorite gaming mouse

Another Black Friday means another chance for the Logitech G502 Hero – RPS readers’ favorite gaming mouse – to get nice and cheap. This button-heavy desk rodent is especially a common sight during big PC hardware sales like Black Friday but it’s hard to tell when it’s one of the best gaming mice ever and I actually prefer it over the recent refresh of the G502 X – especially when it’s 56% off. That’s also exactly 56% off in both the UK and US.

Okay, technically it’s the Logitech G502 Hero SE (Special Edition) that has the best price available in the UK; the standard model is £5 more for some reason. But the only difference between this and the all-black G502 Hero is the addition of some white highlights, so otherwise they share the same comfortable shape, highly customizable 11-button layout and sharp 25,600 dpi sensor.

UK deal:

US Deal:

I don’t think these are technically the lowest ever prices for their respective models and territories – apparently the G502 Hero SE cost £20 for, say, a day in September? Fair game to whoever caught that. But £35/$35 is incredibly good value either way, given the G502 Hero’s carefully crafted design and wealth of features. It even hides a set of removable weights in the base so you can adjust how heavy it is.

Looking between the other best Black Friday gaming mouse deals, there’s loads of good stuff about both the higher and lower end of the market, but nothing stands out quite like this one mouse at this one price. Just ignore the fact that it’s now the last generation (or focus on the G502 X with an obnoxiously loud and scratchy scroll wheel that ruins the whole thing, no, I’m not done complaining about the G502 X’s scroll wheel).

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