Black Friday gaming chair deals 2022: what to expect

Joel Loynds

published: 2022-09-23T17:02:46

Updated: 2022-09-23T17:03:07

Gaming chairs are one of the biggest things in the industry right now, so grabbing one during Black Friday is a must. This is what you can expect.

No one could have predicted that furniture for gaming enthusiasts would have taken over the industry like this. These cushioned race car-inspired seats are in constant fashion, with brands screaming after getting their own version behind the biggest streamers or even chess masters.

The point is, when we talk about the furniture here on Dexerto, we always want to recommend some of the very best, expensive versions. They are usually the most comfortable, less grueling and sometimes we even want to recommend something else.

Gaming chairs can be super expensive, though, and we don’t really expect anyone to go out and buy a new one right away. Corsair, Razer and Secretlab all have their seat for several hundred dollars, while budget options that are actually decent are hard to find.

That’s why Black Friday has become the perfect storm of seat purchases, as we can wholeheartedly recommend some seats that are normally out of reach for many people.

Prices drop around this time of year, especially with the big brands, as they either usher in a new range of furniture the following year or want to get rid of excess older chairs that they no longer want to promote.

So what can you expect from Black Friday and the different chair manufacturers? Let’s take a look at the Black Friday deals from recent years surrounding the gaming chair phenomenon.

Secretlab Black Friday Deals

Secretlab Titan Evo artificial leather and softweave cookies n creamsecret lab

We’re going to go out and say that the company best known for gaming chairs will probably have another sale for chairs this Black Friday.

Secretlab currently has dozens of chairs and other furniture in their store, which is available for sale all year round. Right now there is up to £200 off in the UK store and up to $250 off in the US.

For Black Friday, in 2021, however, we saw steep discounts on a huge row of seats. This even included the latest releases and strapped branded chairs. If you wanted a Batman-themed chair, 2021 was your year to grab one.

This year, however, we expect things like K/DA, League of Legends, and Fortnite to get the bigger discounts, while the release of Overwatch 2 could mean the various seats will drop in price associated with them.

Corsair gaming chair deals

corsair tc200pirate

It’s still weird to talk about the company that makes our RAM and power supplies that make our trim, but we digress.

Corsair has year-round sales where their furniture range is heavily discounted. While Corsair seems to be entering almost every facet of our gaming world, their furniture should see some big sales from the various third parties in November, as well as Corsair itself.

As for other furniture, we’re not sure if the desks and lighting will see as a big discount.

Razer seats deals

Three people wearing the brand new collectionRazer / BAPE

Razer’s deals usually fall around their other hardware, laptops and the like. However, we expect some sort of deal to pop up for their various seats during Black Friday. Those looking for something branded will probably want to keep an eye out for the Hello Kitty and Genshin Impact chairs.

While these are their special editions, we expect the regular versions to get much better discounts, less overhead, and licenses to worry about.

Razer is usually pretty good near big sales, so if you’re looking for a gaming chair, you’ll probably want to keep an eye out for them just in case.

Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart gaming chair discounts this Black Friday

We decided to lump these three together, as they all share the same habit of housing similar, but different branded chairs, as well as the three most important ones above.

Amazon is the biggest culprit, but we’ll definitely go through Best Buy and Walmart with a fine-toothed comb to make sure nothing low-quality touches your home at any point.

We’re also going to use them for our budget options, because while they stock a lot of off-brand versions of gaming chairs, there are still some, like the X-Rocker, that deserve a spot.

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