Beyond Meat chief accused of biting man’s nose in confrontation with road rage | Arkansas

A chief executive of one of America’s largest producers of alternative meat products has been arrested for biting another man in the nose during a confrontation with a traffic dispute, US media report.

Douglas Ramsey, 53, who is chief operating officer of Beyond Meat, is alleged to have punched a motorist and bit that man in the nose so hard that it tore his meat, according to a police report obtained by NBC-affiliated TV channel KNWA.

The police report alleges that Ramsey accused the victim of bumping one of the front tires of his SUV as they both tried to get out of a long line and exit a parking garage after the University of Arkansas football team played a home game in Fayetteville on Saturday.

According to the report, Ramsey then slammed through the rear window of the victim’s vehicle, punched the victim and then bit him.

NBC reported that Ramsey was released from prison on Sunday on nearly $12,000 bail.

Making products like burgers and sausages from plants, Beyond Meat is part of a wave of such companies that have sprung up in the US, offering alternatives to meat that in many cases taste just like the real thing. They are often seen as better for the environment and prevent the killing of animals.

Some alternative meat products are even on the menus of fast food giants like Burger King and McDonald’s.

However, in recent months, Shares of Beyond Meat have collapsed, losing more than 70% of their value this year alone. The company has said it has taken a hit over the cost of living crisis as consumers forego the sometimes higher price for its products compared to meat.

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