Best Gaming Chairs – Consumer Reports

Bleeding edge graphics card?


Enough solid-state storage for much of your Steam library without having to constantly redownload everything?

You better believe it.

Will you complete the job with a state-of-the-art gaming chair?

Big question. Today, some might even say it equates to a $1,000 question.

That’s why we asked our veteran ergonomics expert Paul Ritchey to try eight popular gaming chairs and put them through a series of tests at our facilities just north of New York City to see how well they fit your game.

The list of contenders, ranging in price from $110 to $1,800, includes the Cooler Master Ergo L, Gtracing Gaming Chair, Herman Miller x Logitech Embody Gaming Chair, Homall Gaming Chair, Mavix M9 Gaming Chair, Razer Iskur, Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 and Staples Emerge Vortex gaming chair.

As with every product we test, we bought the seats with our own money to make sure the manufacturers weren’t trying to toy with the system with cherry-picked units.

As Paul is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and Doctor of Public Health, we took a close look at each chair’s ergonomic design (how well it met standards and best practices), but we also evaluated comfort, ease of use , and ease of assembly, although those scores were given a little less weight in our final ratings.

The comfort scores come from a panel of three people who rated each chair after sitting in it for 90 to 120 minutes in a typical work environment. Ease of use takes into account things like how easy it is to adjust the seat controls while seated, how well the controls are labeled, and how clearly the model’s functions are explained in manuals and other manufacturer documentation.

In cases where the chair is available in multiple sizes, we have purchased the regular or standard size. However, it’s worth noting that, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, some seats have a smaller height range than you might expect, so be sure to check the specs when choosing the best option for you.

What have we learned?

Those sleek designs may look great, but they can hinder proper seating and lead to discomfort, especially on models with the heavily sculpted bucket seat design.

“The purpose of the bucket design is to help people in race cars and sports cars stay in their seats when taking a fast turn,” says Ritchey. “But there are no g-forces in gaming, so that design has no functional advantage. Instead, the contours and wings can limit your ability to fit and slide comfortably in the seat, limiting your play and putting unnecessary strain on your body.”

Ultimately, you want a seat that fits well and supports your body, and that means it’s highly adjustable, not to mention comfortable during those marathon gaming sessions. As they say with “Civilization,” just one more turn… Just make sure to take small breaks every 30 minutes, says Ritchey.

If you’re going to invest in a powerful gaming PC, a high refresh rate monitor and the best mechanical keyboard money can buy, why not go for a chair that also fits your body well?

We get it: design matters – and we love cool looking gear as much as the next person – but not at the expense of the user experience. That’s why the $1,800 Herman Miller Embody (designed in collaboration with Logitech) and the $445 Cooler Master Ergo L top our list of the best gaming chairs.

The price difference between the two models also hints at a bigger story: you don’t have to spend four figures to get a decent gaming chair. At the same time, however, the Gtracing and Staples models seem to suggest that $100 isn’t going very far to put you in control of the seat.

In fact, says Ritchey, if you want a modestly priced chair that’s highly adjustable and built for all-day comfort, an office chair may be your best bet, based on our recent reviews.

Before we dive into the details, though, it helps to know what to look for in a good chair.

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