Alberta intervenes in Rogers-Shaw deal proceedings

Alberta’s Attorney General will intervene in the competition judge’s proceedings regarding the $26 billion merger between Rogers Communications Inc. RCI-BT and Shaw Communications Inc. SJR-BT, according to a report filed Monday. The intervention announcement says the “success and failures” of the deal will have an impact on Alberta’s consumers and the province’s economy. It also … Read more

7th person dies after mass shooting at Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

The alleged gunman who attacked an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago fired more than 70 shots from an AR-15-style pistol that killed at least seven people, then evaded the first capture by dressing in disguise and blend in with the fleeing crowd, police said Tuesday. † Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher … Read more

NFT Technologies Acquires Gaming Platform Sherwa – Gaming/esport

NFT Technologies has proposed the acquisition of Sherwa Online Services, a private company responsible for developing the Sherwa gaming platform. After the release of its gaming platform, Sherwa focused on building unique Web3 applications and products to help Web2 gamers in Web3 P2E gaming. In the past, Sherwa has partnered with major developers such as … Read more

7 Habits That Can Lower Your Dementia Risk

The seven habits are: exercise, lose weight, have a good diet, maintain healthy blood pressure, lower blood sugar, don’t smoke and regulate cholesterol. Scientists have identified 7 healthy individuals associated with lower rates of dementia in those at genetic risk According to a recently published study in Neurologythe medical journal of the American Academy of … Read more

£25million border post in Portsmouth stands empty after the u-turn of the minister’s imports | International trade

Next to the container terminal at Portsmouth International Port, just a few hundred meters from the waterfront, is a new high-tech border checkpoint. Built over the past 18 months at a cost of £25 million, a cost shared by taxpayers and the port’s owner, Portsmouth City Council, the high-quality facility should be up and running … Read more