AFL Brownlow Medal 2022 Results Patrick Cripps

Australian basketball legend Andrew Gaze has unloaded players who appeared to be enjoying the booze a little too much on Brownlow Medal night.

Speaking about SENs The Run Home on Monday afternoon, Gaze said the dad in him had caused him to feel “uncomfortable” watching players — like Bulldog Aaron Naughton — play drinking games on the show.

“I just felt a little… and this is the dad in me… a little uncomfortable with the drinking, like it was some kind of game they were playing.” Skol a beer if you get a vote and she goes and let’s put on the black glasses,” he said.

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“I understand I’m in that demographic right now where you can get a little hypersensitive to things that aren’t that important.

“It’s the end of the season, I get it, players are ready, they’ve worked their butt off for a long time, they need to be able to relax and have fun.

“What it does is normalize behavior that I don’t think is a good message for kids.”

Gaze pointed out that Victorian children were on school holidays this week and would therefore be more likely to look at the Brownlow Medal coverage.

“Again, in the grand scheme of things, I’m sure most people there behaved very well, but it’s still a look presented by heroes there,” Gaze added.

During his acceptance speech for the Brownlow Medal, Patrick Cripps mentioned that Chris Judd and Ben Cousins ​​were role models of his.

The lives of cousins, throughout his career and during his retirement, have been riddled with drug indiscretions, and he has even spent time in prison.

“You hear Patrick Cripps talk about how he looked up to (cousins) … to see some of those guys who idolize young kids skolling beer, they’re having a good time and I get that.

“I just think if there’s some way the players can have fun, even if you want to try a little excess, I’m not against (that). Don’t hurt anyone, be respectful, all those things.

“But in front of the camera, responsible drinking should be part of what they have to do.”

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