Adnan Syed Hearing Live: Judge Overturns Conviction Of ‘Serial’ Podcast Topic After 23 Years In Prison

Adnan Syed gets new trial

A Maryland judge has overturned Adnan Syed’s murder conviction, in the latest twist in the case central to the hit podcast series serial.

Baltimore City Circuit judge Melissa Phinn vacated the 41-year-old’s conviction and granted him a new trial Monday, ordering his release after more than 23 years behind bars.

The move came after prosecutors asked for his release on Wednesday, saying “the state no longer has confidence in the integrity of the sentencing”. Prosecutors said a nearly year-long investigation had cast doubt on the validity of the cell tower data and revealed new information about the possible involvement of two alternative unnamed suspects.

Syed was convicted in 2000 of first degree murder, theft, kidnapping and imprisonment of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee.

Lee, 18, disappeared after dropping out of high school on January 13, 1999. Her strangled body was found about a month later in a shallow grave in a Baltimore park. Syed has always maintained his innocence.


Adnan Syed is greeted with cheers as he walks out of the courthouse

Adnan Syed was greeted with cheers as he left the courthouse after his conviction was quashed.

The 41-year-old was seen walking down the stairs less than an hour after the judge issued the verdict.

He made no comments and got into a waiting vehicle. He is now expected to be equipped for GPS tracking if released from house arrest.


Serial’s Adnan Syed Released From Prison If Judge Overturns 2000 Murder Conviction

Adnan Syed is released from prison after a Baltimore judge overturned his conviction for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee.

Baltimore City Circuit judge Melissa Phinn Monday vacated the 41-year-old’s conviction “in the interest of justice” and granted him a new trial, marking the latest dramatic twist in a case that has attracted worldwide attention.

Syed’s shackles were removed and the judge ordered Syed to be released under house arrest while the investigation into Lee’s 1999 murder continues.

Under state law, prosecutors now have 30 days to decide whether to drop the charges against Syed or retry the case.

The ruling comes days after prosecutors in Maryland filed a bomb request for his release, saying that “the state no longer has confidence in the integrity of the sentencing”.

The independentRachel Sharp’s has the full story:


Adnan Syed released from prison today

Adnan Syed will be released from prison today after a judge overturned his conviction and ordered him to face a new trial.

Baltimore City Circuit judge Melissa Phinn said she is lifting the 41-year-old’s conviction “in the interest of justice.”

Syed will be released under house arrest.


Judge overturns Adnan Syed conviction

Baltimore City Circuit judge Melissa Phinn has overturned the conviction of 41-year-old Adnan Syed and ordered his release after more than 23 years behind bars.


Alternative suspects, unreliable testimonials and evidence all cited as grounds for withdrawal of conviction

Alternative suspects and unreliable testimony and evidence have all been cited as reasons for the withdrawal of Adnan Syed’s conviction.

Prosecutor Becky Feldman told the judge that cell phone location data that Syed places at the crime scene is not accurate or admissible in court and that one of the alternate suspects was not properly removed from the investigation after failing a lie detector test.

The prosecutor also questioned the credibility of Jay Wilds – the key witness in the original trial who claimed he helped Syed destroy Lee’s body – and said he changed his story several times.

The detective in the original case is also unreliable, she said.

“I understand how difficult this is, but we need to make sure we hold the right person accountable,” she said.


Prosecutor asks judge for Adnan Syed. to set free

Prosecutor Becky Feldman has asked the judge to withdraw Adnan Syed’s conviction and release him from prison.

She said the state’s failure to pass information about other potential suspects to the defense is a reason to drop his conviction and allow him a new trial.

The prosecutor referred to two other potential suspects in Wednesday’s trial, but did not name them.


Hae Min Lee’s brother says case is ‘killing me’

Hae Min Lee’s brother has addressed the court over the toll the case is taking on him and his family, saying it is “killing me”.

Young Lee virtually attended the West Coast court hearing, urging the judge to “make the right decision.”

“I have lived with this for over twenty years. Every day when I think it’s over…or it’s over, it always comes back,” he said.

‘It’s killing me. It’s really tough.”

He added that he felt “betrayed” by the prosecution after they caught the family off guard by questioning Adnan Syed’s guilt – after more than two decades insisting he was the killer.

Mr. Lee swallowed tears as he said he was open to the investigation and spoke of the difficulty of knowing that someone responsible for his sister’s death could be walking free at this point.


Court has resumed

The court is back in action after a short break.

The judge called for the pause to give Hae Min Lee’s sibling a chance to participate in the hearing remotely from the West Coast.


Court takes a short break

The court has gone into recess for 30 minutes, so that Hae Min Lee’s brother has the opportunity to attend the hearing virtually.

Young Lee is currently at work on the West Coast.


Judge rejects victim’s family request to postpone interrogation

Judge Melissa Phinn has rejected the victim’s family request to postpone Adnan Syed’s hearing.

The judge said the state gave Hae Min Lee’s family enough time to find a lawyer who would advise them on their right to attend and speak at the hearing.

She told the family’s attorney to contact Lee’s brother Young Lee to give him the opportunity to now address the court remotely.

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