8 Amazing Video Games Set in Fall

Trees and an empty road in the game Alan Wake.

Image: Remedy Entertainment

When the day starts to cool down and the leaves turn a crisp orange, I’m in the best possible mood. I want to light a cranberry-scented candle, snuggle up in soft blankets, and fire up one of the many great fall video games – games that take place in the fall months, or have a radiant and full fall environment.

I’ve always been one proud autumn lover. That’s for very unoriginal reasons, especially since I was born in October and identify myself as a scary movie-loving ghostly bitch. However! The months leading up to the icy winter winds also have exciting opportunities in a way that other seasons don’t.

Autumn is a start – the start of school and getting tangled up in a warm scarf, time to be alone listen to Taylor Swift. But that sweet start quickly changes and dies. Bare branches will soon look like burnt fingers, and it’s time to shiver your way to a Halloween party. Then, the next morning, you wake up and think of cake and tense family dinners. The warmth of your home will buzz in your ear. The transition season will be almost over and you’ve been through all its good, bad, and scary.

Like the season they reflect, fall video games involve moods, activities, and colors. Here are some great ones, from all different genres, that keep fall’s versatile pumpkin core close to the heart.

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