5 Must-Buy Indie Games the eShop Blockbuster Sale

Gamers everywhere are in luck, as Nintendo’s eShop is having a huge sale. Hundreds of Nintendo Switch titles are currently on sale, with deep discounts on hit bundles from major game studios and even dozens of AAA titles. Now is the perfect time for players to finally pick up that game they’ve been looking for or try something completely new.

With all the excitement of these blockbuster deals, the indie games that are also part of the sale can just get lost in the madness. Indie titles can offer players a very different experience from their AAA contemporaries, often paving the way for innovation. For those interested in exploring some indie gems at a discount, here are a few standout titles from Nintendo’s eShop sale that are worth checking out on Switch.

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From Texas studio Devolver Digital, Death Gate is a fun game that has been compared to classic The Legend of Zelda titles too dark souls. Players control a world-hopping crow who, while collecting souls for a bureaucratic office job in the afterlife, slowly unravels a dark conspiracy. The game has been praised for its balance of simplicity and difficulty, which makes the game easy to approach but not so easy to beat, especially with its challenging boss battles.

The in-game world is dark and gloomy, full of secrets and fascinatingly strange characters, making this perfect for anyone who likes a captivating game with a darker tone. The battles allow players to switch between using melee weapons, ranged weapons and magic to defeat enemies, with character customization also available. Death Gate is bleak yet comical, combining exploration, puzzles and combat to create one of the best indie games of 2021.

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neon white is the first game from developer Angel Matrix, and it’s quite a debut. A first-person game that’s perfect for fans of Mirror’s Edge, the game combines elements of first-person shooters with puzzle platformers to create a unique and engaging indie game. Focused on timed challenges, neon white follows a demon hunter named Neon who aims to remove the demons from a given level as quickly as possible.

The game uses Soul Cards, a type of playing card that the player collects as he makes his way through different levels, allowing him to use the card as a weapon or activate his secondary ability by burning it. It has an interesting anime-inspired visual style and has been complimented for its level design, story and challenge. neon white is clearly a game meant for speedrunners, but everyone can enjoy this fast, fun game.

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This game should be no stranger to anyone familiar with indie games as it received quite a few Game of the Year nominations after its initial release in late 2019. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a rhythm based game where the player travels through a surreal landscape, encountering enemies and dodging obstacles.

Featuring Queen Latifah as the narrator, this dreamy game acts as a love letter to both arcade games and the lo-fi genre, giving an interesting twist to the rhythm game genre. While many have commented that the game has more style than substance, with most people considering the soundtrack and visuals to be the best parts of the game, it’s great at what it does and really makes the player love the world it creates. .

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Dead cells is an action-platformer roguelike that obviously takes a lot of inspiration from classic games like metro and Castlevania. Developed by Motion Twin, the game uses procedurally generated maps like many other roguelikes. However, I’d love to Hadesit doesn’t seem repetitive as the character development, knowledge, and narrative elements between each run make for an engaging game.

Dead cells has an addictive playstyle where the player can experiment with different weapons, making battles from run to run feel fresh. A beautiful pixelated art style makes the game already feel like a classic without being clunky or outdated. For those who can’t get enough, DLC for the game is also available in this sale.

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Gris is a beautiful game developed by Barcelona-based Nomada Studio. Set against a beautiful watercolor background, the story follows a young woman named Gris as she deals with a painful life experience. Serene and evocative, the game is full of captivating puzzles, challenges and platforming. An interesting element of the game is that there are no failure states, as it focuses instead on emotions and telling a story that has a lot to do with mental health. However, this does not affect the gameplay.

With a stunning art style and soundtrack, Gris is minimalistic yet very comprehensive. Although it is a game in itself, Gris doubles as a piece of digital art. Overall, it’s a great exploration of how video games can empower people to tap into their emotions.

While these are just a few of the many indie games on offer, there are countless others available in addition to the hundreds of AAA games also on offer. The sale runs through the Nintendo eShop until September 26.

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