1UPdate: School teacher brings gaming to the classroom

Nate Bender,

Sophia Jozwiak

A high school math teacher brings gaming into the classroom.

AlgeBruh is a gamer, Valorant player and content creator with 116,000 followers on TikTok. His approach to education is to meet students where they are by finding a middle ground between the curriculum and topics they can get excited about.

To explain why his unorthodox methods really work, he spoke to 1UPdate’s Nate Bender.

AlgeBruh says he has themed his classroom with a Discord word wall and Rainbow Road data display. All the while, he makes sure that his analogies don’t get in the way of the children’s learning.

“We talk about it and I try to integrate it as much as possible. Sometimes the content is just or above their level, or I don’t want to bring out something that they have nothing to do with and then it will confuse them even more.”

He says it’s important to meet the kids where their natural interests are to keep their attention.

“Many kids with math stop right away because they’ve had a bad experience, or they don’t click. But if you can find ways to really integrate their interests, their doors and walls may collapse and they will at least try.”

Listen: How a math teacher adds gaming to the classroom, plus the latest gaming news.

Photo credit: Laura Herberg/WDET.

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