11-year-old Aiken starts an egg business to save up for a gaming computer

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – As kids grow up, kids pick up entry-level jobs like mowing the lawn or selling lemonade, but we found a boy who turns his chickens into profit.

“I love my chickens and I love my business that I started,” said Faolan Williams.

11-year-old Williams turned part of his parents’ yard into a pasture.

“I just watch eggs here every morning, and I also check their food and water so they don’t get too low,” he said.

Williams goes out several times a day to check on his chickens. He has almost 30.

“My dad said I should probably work for what I want, which is my computer, instead of just getting it,” he said.

To get that gaming machine he wants, Williams has to earn it.

“When you work for something you get, you’ll understand how much that thing is worth,” he said.

Through social media, he sells the multi-colored eggs his chickens lay for six dollars a dozen. With current egg prices, Williams says the demand is there.

“I have a giant list, one page front and back. It’s completely full, so we had to start a new page,’ he said.

His chickens are struggling to keep up. He says that together they lay about a dozen eggs a day. You have to wait and be patient.

Williams knows that if he continues like this, one day he will earn enough. He plans to nearly double his chickens by the summer. After getting his computer, he says he will keep selling eggs to save money for a house.

For more information, visit his Facebook page.

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