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Destructoid has been known for nearly two decades for its iconic robot mascot, Mr. Destructoid, so it’s strange there’s never been a list of the best robots in gaming here. Well, today we solve that by talking to you about the most beloved walking and talking machines in all of gaming history. From a certain Lombax’s robot friend to the most adorable cat (who isn’t a cat), here are the 10 best robots in gaming, ranked.

10.808 (Hi-Fi hurry)

808 Hi-Fi Rush Best robots in gaming
Screenshot of Destructoid

Our newest entry on this list, but the most adorable addition is 808’s Hi-Fi hurry. 808 is an animalistic yet robotic companion who accompanies Chai on his adventures. While it doesn’t necessarily aid in battle, it can transform into various forms, such as an orb to amplify Chai’s music. During cutscenes, the eyes also change color depending on who in the conversation is speaking through 808’s speakers. For example, if Peppermint makes a sharp remark about Chai, his eyes will turn blue. It’s a neat touch and gives 808 a lot of personality. Finally, between missions, Chai can pet 808 in the cutest way.

9.BD-1 (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order)

BD-1 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Image via EA

Another cute ally who happens to be a unit droid is BD-1 van Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Its main function is to guide the stranded Padawan Cal Kestis through treacherous landscapes and scan artifacts. It can also heal the promising Jedi with a quick shot in Cal. Within cutscenes, developer Respawn Entertainment has successfully made BD-1 as cute as BB-8 with flawless animation and modeling quality. Despite not having an English speaking voice, BD-1 carries a ton of charisma and charm, thanks to his gestural communication.

8. ROB

ROB Dear game robots
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ROB is an iconic robot all the way back to the NES era for Nintendo. This Robotic Operating Buddy was used as a cool accessory for Gyromite and Pile up, with the robot rotating back and forth. In Gyromite, this robot balances spinning tops on real platforms to move the pillars of the level in the game. The professor you control Gyromite can then move forward through the platform sections. While this NES accessory wasn’t particularly successful, ROB has also appeared as a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series with an exhilarating move similar to spinning its arms rapidly and releasing rocket-like fire from under its base towards the ground.

7. Bastion (Overexpected)

Bastion Overwatch
Image via Blizzard

Bastion is arguably one of the strongest characters in the Overexpected series, and it’s incredibly satisfying to play as him. In addition to his quirky personality, Bastion can strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. The mini gun on his back can deal massive amounts of damage when used, and his ultimate attack causes him to fire artillery fire. While many Overexpected players hate him because of how many DPS opportunities he has, he is still one of the best robot game characters, thanks to his ability to smash everyone in front of him. He even has a LEGO-like skin in the game.

6. Connor (Detroit: become human)

Connor Detroit becomes human
Image via Quantic Dream

While Quantic Dream’s games can be hit and miss when it comes to the characters, Connor is a robot that really excels. Detroit: become human. The game tackles a future where AI-driven robots can conduct investigations and do other work that humans normally do. In Detroit: become human, a conflict arises over the rights of robots and how they should be treated. Connor is an engaging and intriguing character within this universe as he considers the relationship between humans and robots. His decisions between right and wrong mostly rest with the player, and the result is a memorable performance from Bryan Dechart as the character struggles to understand his true purpose. This fascinating storyline with the character makes him one of the best robots in gaming.

5. Clapper (border areas)

Claptrap Borderlands Best robots in gaming
Picture through 2K

A lot of people hate Claptrap, but he’s arguably one of the funniest characters in gaming history. The slapstick humor matched his nutty antics in the Borderlands series makes him a charismatic character to get to know. There are some memorable gags in the series such as that much to his dismay he cannot climb stairs and that he is a god to some bandits with a mighty hat on it. More often than not, when he whines and struggles in the game, you’ll probably laugh. Hopefully, he’ll provide excellent comic relief in the upcoming film adaptation.

4. Sound (Ratchet & Clank)

Ratchet and Clank Clank
Image via PlayStation

Ratchet’s right hand and constantly on his back, Clank is a great sidekick for the lombax. In addition to his signature laugh, Clank has hilarious jokes to echo Ratchet’s sassy attitude. He is the smart guy of the duo, coming up with clever plans and solving problems with his quick thinking. Clank also lets you solve puzzles while playing as him, providing a necessary break from the third-person shooting mayhem that Ratchet delivers. He is an endearing character who is a perfect hero within the famous Insomniac platforming franchise. Clank is one of the best robots in gaming for that reason.

3. Dr Nefarious (Ratchet & Clank)

Ratchet & ClankDr.  Nefarious Best robots in gaming
Screenshot via PlayStation’s YouTube channel

Another robot character from the Ratchet & Clank series makes the list. While we don’t usually list two characters from the same franchise, you’ll have to make an exception for Dr. Nefarious. He is a clever, but dim-witted opponent of Ratchet, who likes to complain and insult the lombax. The character’s slapstick comedy is absolutely hilarious, especially within the franchise’s original trilogy. For example, if he gets too angry, he suddenly stops working and a love scene plays as his system tries to recompile itself. His scenes with Clarence are especially funny. However, when the final boss battle occurs, Dr. Nefarious pulls out all the stops to defeat Ratchet & Clank. The one in it Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart, for example, is spectacular.

2. GLADOS (Portal)

Portal 2 Glados
Screenshot of Destructoid

The pie is a lie, but it’s true that GLaDOS is one of the best robots in gaming. The sarcastic tone and compelling writing behind her lines is top notch. The dark comedy is good when it delivers its lines in a dark AI-driven tone. The way GLaDOS tries to drop you to the end is extremely compelling. And then the puzzles she puts in front of the player and how she fools you are just a delight. GLaDOS is one of the best robots in gaming because it’s satisfying to stop and eventually outsmart her. She is one of the best opponents in gaming and wonderfully evil while trying to confuse you.

1. Megaman

Mega Man Gaming robots Capcom
Screenshot of Destructoid

Mega Man has been an iconic Capcom character since his legendary adventures on the NES. His platforming adventures helped the genre grow as he takes on tough bosses and takes their powers. He has also starred in a charming RPG series Mega Man Legends and a series of long-running GBA spin-offs within the Battle network. After decades of challenging players, this robot boy has battled the likes of Mario, Link, Sonic and Cloud Strife and other famous video game characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Mega Man’s diverse arsenal in each game makes him one of the best robots in gaming due to Capcom’s well-crafted level design.

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